The Federal Trade Commission received fraud reports from 2.6 million consumers in 2023. The most commonly reported scams were imposter scams, followed by online shopping issues and prize/sweepstake/lottery scams.

At Armco Credit Union, imposter scams and tech support scams are the most prevalent among our members, according to our Fraud Officer, Danielle Crissey. These scams often exploit urgency and employ tactics such as cash withdrawals, gift card payments and Bitcoin transactions.

Tech support scams occur when hackers call or send pop-up messages on a computer asserting the victim’s device is infected. They then offer to “fix” the non-existent issue for a fee. Once they take control of the computer, they can steal personal data. If you think your electronic device is compromised, stay calm and contact a trusted company to have the device cleaned.

Impersonation scams can take many forms including grandparent scams to someone contacting you and stating they are a representative of your financial institution.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, it’s crucial to remain vigilant when receiving unsolicited calls, texts or emails. Always exercise caution when asked to provide personal information such as bank account details, credit card numbers or Social Security numbers.

When receiving an unsolicited call, Crissey recommends getting into the practice of calling back on the company’s main line, not the phone number the caller gives you. This adds an additional layer of protection. Don’t worry about appearing rude or skeptical. Legitimate businesses endorse this practice.

Crissey warns members to also be skeptical if someone contacts you on behalf of Armco Credit Union. Phone numbers can easily be spoofed (meaning they can change the caller ID to match the credit union).

“If the credit union calls asking for personal information, we encourage members to get the employee’s name and extension, hang up and call our main phone number 724-284-2020. Dial the extension directly or ask for the employee by name. Members who regularly use a branch should call that branch directly and speak to an employee they know.

“Members are not inconveniencing us when they are concerned about providing information when we call them and instead request to hang-up and call us back,” Crissey added, “In fact, we appreciate when they do so. It shows that our members are aware of common scams and are being diligent in protecting themselves.”

To further support members in the fight against fraud, Armco Credit Union provides educational resources through workshops, free fraud materials at each branch, posting resources at and regularly reporting common scams on our Facebook page.

Stay informed, stay vigilant, and remember that Armco Credit Union is here to support you every step of the way.