Youth Accounts

Youth Accounts

The Armco CU youth account program is different than other financial institutions. We want your children to practice making real-life decisions and learn the value of a dollar. We don’t want to just open an account for you child – we want to teach them to use it responsibly.

We’ll give you the tools to teach your child financial education in a practical, hands-on and safe environment.  And we’ll make learning fun by providing special incentives along the way. 😊

Our youth programs are designed to grow with your child. It starts with a savings account and progresses to a checking account for their first job and a debit card to encourage independence.

COMING SOON – Once you open a youth account, you may link the parent and youth accounts using the cuEARN platform where you’ll find parental controls and fun, interactive learning opportunities.

Savings Accounts

Our Youth Savings Account offers the same tiered interest rates as our regular savings accounts. However, we pay kids to learn! Our program rewards your child with Armco Bucks when they complete a specific task promoting financial literacy.


Youth Checking Accounts

With Optional Mastercard Debit Card

Youth Checking Accounts are available starting at age 13. They are simple and hassle free. We are also able to issue a Mastercard Debit Card when parents are comfortable with their teen gaining more responsibility.


Youth ATM & Debit Cards

Youth ATM and debit cards help teach responsibility and offer independence in a safe environment.

When you feel your child, tween or teen is ready to receive a card linking to their account, we offer two cards – the Star ATM card and the Mastercard Debit Card.  Parental controls are available for both cards through the cuEARN platform. In order to receive either card, the youth must complete a Banzai financial literacy course online.


Youth Certificates

Start a Youth Certificate for just $250 and watch your savings grow with your kids! A Youth Certificate allows your child or teen to earn higher dividends than a traditional savings account.



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