How to Enroll in Online Banking

Learn how to enroll in Online Banking once you’ve opened your Armco CU account. Do all of your banking remotely without the need to stop into a branch location!

How to Deposit a Check Remotely

Learn how to deposit your check using your smartphone and the Armco CU app. Skip the teller and Drive-Thru lines and deposit from the comfort of home!

How to Register for cuEARN

Learn how to register for cuEARN once you’ve opened and connected a youth account to a parent account.  Have a financial relationship with your child while teaching monetary responsibility.

cuEARN Overview

Check out all the fun features of cuEARN – from setting tasks for kids to complete, to having kids request money, to having parents charge interest for larger expenses, and more!

How to Download & Use our App

Learn how to download, install, and start using our smartphone app.  It’s much easier than trying to sign in to your account through our website!