ATM Locations

Finding a Credit Union ATM

Armco Credit Union participates in two different ATM networks, CUHere and CU$. Both networks provide surcharge-free ATM access to credit union members throughout the country.

Click below to locate ATM’s near you.

CUHere ATM Locator logo CU$ ATM Locator logo

Visit Any GetGo or Sheetz Convenience Store

Two of the leading convenience retailers now offer no surcharge ATM’s located throughout the region. Visit and for locations.

Get Cash Back Using Your CU Check Card

When you make a purchase using your Armco Credit Union Check (Debit) Card, you can also get cash back at a point-of-sale (check-out register), as you would an ATM, without paying a surcharge. Simply state “debit” when the cashier asks the type of transaction you’re performing and then ask for cash back.

Point of sale device image performing cash back services

Note: Although the above listed non-Armco CU machines are surcharge free, they are considered foreign ATM’s. The Credit Union allows up to 10 foreign ATM transactions per month with no fees, and a $1 fee per transaction thereafter.