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2nd Largest Credit Union in the Pittsburgh Area


Serving Over 40,000 Members


We Serve Over 250 Sponsor Organizations

Armco Credit Union isn’t just for employees of Armco Steel or AK Steel! We are the 2nd largest credit union in the Pittsburgh area and serve over 40,000 members and 250 sponsor organizations.

Your company can become a Sponsor Organization (also known as a Select Employer Group – SEG for short) at no charge to your company. Once you become a Sponsor Organization, you can offer your full and part time employees as well as volunteers the opportunity to join the credit union. Any size business from one employee to thousands of employees is eligible join. Both businesses and nonprofits are welcome to apply.


In today’s competitive labor market, it is difficult to attract and retain qualified people. A Total Rewards benefits package is gaining popularity nationwide for achieving this goal. Armco Credit Union can be an important part of your Total Rewards compensation package with very LITTLE EFFORT and at NO COST to your organization.

Your employees will enjoy simple and transparent services such as:

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  • Hassle-free Checking, Savings, and Certificates
  • E-Services: Online/Mobile Banking, BillPay, cuEARN, and Remote Check Deposit.
  • Low loan rates: Auto, Home Equity, Mortgage and more.
  • Youth account program intended to help parents teach financial literacy.
  • Higher deposit rates and lower fees set us apart from our competition.

  • Financial education resources and scholarships.
  • No cost financial planning with MEMBER Financial Services.
  • New member specials available for the first 30 days of membership.
  • Your employee’s family will also be eligible to join.

We also offer direct deposit and payroll deduction which will save you and your employees valuable time. The benefits of an Armco CU membership will provide your staff resources to help them achieve financial security, which ultimately leads to happier and more productive employees.

Once you’re approved as a Sponsor Organization, we will provide all the materials necessary to help you promote Armco CU benefits to your employees. We offer on-site membership drives and new member packets. We’ll also continue to visit your business to deliver information on new specials and make sure your needs are being met.

Joining is easy and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.


Non-profit organizations and clubs are also welcome to join. As long as your club is governed with bylaws and your members have the ability to vote, your club can join! This includes woman’s clubs, civic clubs such as Rotary and educational clubs such as a PTO. As a Sponsor Organization, your members will be eligible to receive the same benefits as the business features listed above.

Joining is easy and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes of your time.