Teach kids and teens to manage their own finances in a safe, educational environment. Parents can help kids gain practical experience and learn to make good financial decisions by using cuEARN to save, spend, earn, budget and pay a loan.

cuEARN connects your Armco CU Youth Savings Accounts to a parent account. It is accessed through  Online Banking and our Mobile Banking app. This is a FREE service to help parents teach basic finances.

Prior to enrolling in cuEarn, please contact the credit union to establish a connection between your parent and youth accounts.



  • The cuEARN platform is available FREE to members and is accessed through Online or Mobile Banking. Youth can access on a mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • Youth must open an Armco CU Youth Savings Account. cuEARN cannot link to UTMA accounts. View Youth Savings Account details.
  • cuEARN can link to multiple Youth Savings Accounts but only one parent account.
  • IMPORTANT: Prior to enrolling in cuEARN, please contact the credit union to establish a connection between the parent and youth accounts.
  • Check out our other youth services designed to incentivize kids and teens to learn life-long financial skills. View Youth Accounts.

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cuEARN offers many features
to help parents teach lessons that last a lifetime.

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Transfer money between accounts in real time.

Don’t carry cash? cuEARN uses push notifications for kids to submit requests for money. Simply review the request and if approved, money is transferred and available immediately.

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Manage allowance.

Kids and teens can earn money for completing chores and tasks. Assign dollar values to each chore.  The parent reviews and approves them as they are completed.  Once approved, the money is transferred from the parent account into the child’s account.

parent loan AdobeStock 288301169

Parent loan.

Does your child always ask for the newest toy or technology? Now they can request a parent loan. Negotiate interest rates and terms. cuEARN will send payment reminders and calculate interest. A great way to teach kids about lending, interest, and repaying loans.


Create a budget.

Kids learn about budgeting and money management with the budgeting module.

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Parental card controls.

Encourage teens to spend their own money by using a Mastercard debit card. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you can set card limits using parental controls.  A safe way to learn how debit cards actually work. Youth Debit Card details.


Pay for grades.

Parents have the option to pay for grades once students upload them to cuEARN.

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