The Berenstain Bears® and Armco CU Announce:

A Bear-y Fun Way to Save!

One of the most important life skills you can teach your child is how to manage money. Studies show financially literate children become financially secure adults.

Armco CU is excited to become an official sponsor of The Berenstain Bears® Financial Literacy Program, a unique program inspired by the beloved Berenstain Bears and designed to make learning about money fun and rewarding for kids age 7 and under.

“We believe teaching kids the value of money from a young age sets them on a path to financial success.” said Armco CU CEO Randy Cypher, “This partnership brings financial literacy to life in a fun and engaging way, helping families bond over important lessons.”

What is the Cub Club?

The Cub Club is an exciting, interactive program designed to help kids learn essential financial skills in a fun and engaging way.

At the heart of the Cub Club is the Cub Account, a special savings account designed just for our youngest members ages 7 and under. When a Cub Account is opened, your child receives an official Armco piggy bank to kick-start their savings journey.

As kids fill their piggy banks with coins, they can redeem them at a branch to watch their savings grow. Deposit the money into a Cub Account and we’ll reward your child by depositing an additional 5% of the piggy bank’s total up to six times a year. *  For a memorable experience, use the coin machine at the Butler or Mars branch so children can watch their savings add up right before their eyes.

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Credit UnionWhat’s more, members of the Cub Club receive exclusive perks. This summer, when a child redeems their piggy bank and makes a deposit into their Cub Account, they will receive a free book called “Berenstain Bears® Visit the Credit Union.” It’s our way of rewarding them for their dedication to saving and learning.

Children currently enrolled in our Youth Account piggy bank program are automatically part of the Cub Club. They’ll continue to enjoy all the benefits of the program, including the new incentives and activities.

Little savers achieve big futures

The Cub Club isn’t just about saving money—it’s about teaching children about money from a young age to lay the foundation for future financial success.  The program helps kids learn to recognize and count coins. As they watch their coins being counted and see their savings grow, they begin to grasp the concept of saving and learn the difference between needs and wants.

What about older kids and teens?

Once kids graduate from Cub Club, they are automatically enrolled into the Banzai program for ages 8-17. In the same spirit of learning, this group will earn $50 bonus money by completing the age-appropriate Banzai course.* They can access Banzai from any device and complete the course at their own pace.

For More Details

* Terms & Conditions apply. **One book per child. Child must be present to receive book. Available while supplies last.

As of June 1, 2024, the Annual Percentage Yield for a savings account is 0.60%. The Dividend Rate is 0.60%. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield are variable and may change every month as determined by the credit union board of directors. Time frame to obtain bonus valid through 12/31/24. Minimum balance to open account is $5.00 plus $1.00 one-time membership fee (per Armco CU field of membership eligibility rules). Allow 3-7 business days for bonus money to be applied to account for Banzai program.

Armco CU protects the information privacy of our younger members. We do not knowingly collect, maintain, or use personal information about children under age 13 from our website. If a person sends personal information to us through any online service and identifies himself or herself as being under the age of 13, we will only use that information to respond directly to that child or to notify the parents. We will not retain such information unless we obtain parental consent.

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