Build a bright future! A Certificate is a safe place to invest money.

    12 Month Term

    Adult Certificate $1,000 Minimum

    Youth Certificate $250 Minimum

    You’ll receive a higher interest rate than a savings account in exchange for limited access to the funds. A Certificate is ideal for those who are saving for a down payment or don’t want to risk losing money in the stock market.

    Some financial institutions offer dozens of Certificates with an endless array of terms and rates – low rates for short terms and better rates for longer terms and dollar amounts

    But at Armco CU we make Certificates simple and easy to understand. There is one rate for all members and all terms are for 12-months. This transparency allows you to easily compare the bundled products, rates and terms that our competitors offer so you can decide what’s best for you.

      • 12-month term
      • $1,000 minimum for adults
      • $250 minimum for youth under 18
      • Interest is compounded
      • Penalty for early withdrawal ($25 plus 30 days dividend)
      • Federally insured by NCUA up to $250,000

      4 convenient ways to open an account 

      At Any Branch

      Call Any Branch


      Mobile App