By Logan Floyd

What home improvement projects are more likely to increase your home value in Butler County? The following projects are more likely to pay off in the future, according to Lorraine DiDomenico, president of the Butler Board of Realtors.


  1. Add space. “In the COVID era, the thing people want most is more space,” said DiDomenico. She suggests moving furniture and decluttering to create a more open space. And don’t forget outdoor living spaces. Try dressing up porches and decks.
  2. Bathrooms are a biggie. People love nice bathrooms! Adding appeal to your bathroom could be as simple as keeping it clean and well cared for. New flooring and accessories like a new vanity or commode are a relatively inexpensive way to add charm, she added.
  3. Kitchens are cool. If you can afford paint and a new countertop, then you can probably afford to improve your kitchen. If your cupboards are old, a new coat of paint could make them like new.
  4. Curb appeal. Remember, the first impression is a lasting impression. One of the first things people see is your front door so make it look well cared for,” she said. “Keep it clean, and freshen it up with a new coat of paint if it looks old. Don’t forget about light landscaping such as mulch.
  5. Why not a pool? Pools are popular in a time when everyone is stuck at home, said DiDomenico. Although a pool requires time and energy, it could pay off handsomely both in terms of adding value to your home and entertaining family. There was a time pools were considered a liability, now they are in high demand and inventory is low.