Cashback Visa Credit Card



Our new VISA card is simple and easy – just like all of our products!

Our new Visa credit cards offer Cashback rewards on all qualifying purchases!** There are no rotating categories and no limit on the rewards.

As our gift to you, we are offering 2% Cashback Rewards during 2020*. This is our way of celebrating our 85th Anniversary and thanking you for your membership. After Dec. 31, 2020, the card will offer 1.5% Cashback Rewards.

No logging onto websites and transferring points! No passwords to remember!

Every month, your cash back rewards are automatically deposited into your Armco CU savings account.

Choose from three Cashback rewards cards to suit your needs. Apply online, call 724-284-2020 or stop into one of our branch locations.


Use your credit card for every day purchases and receive cash back every month!


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Perfect for students or anyone looking to build credit

Looking to build or improve your credit? Our secured card is for you! Earn cashback rewards while building your credit score. Simply set aside a specified amount of money in your Savings account as collateral and you receive an equal amount of credit to use on your credit card.

For instance, if you select $250 to be held in your Armco CU Savings account, then your credit card limit is $250. The $250 in your Savings account is still yours, but it cannot be accessed unless you terminate the Secured credit card. To build a good credit history, you must pay at least the minimum monthly payment every month. After you successfully build your credit, you are welcome to apply for our standard consumer credit card.

Another advantage of our Secured card is that it offers a lower rate. Consider applying for the Secured card to transfer balances from another credit card with a higher rate so that you are able to pay down debt faster.


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Do you own a business? A business credit card helps you track expenses. Now you can receive cashback rewards on all your company purchases without the hassle of having to claim the rewards later. Our rewards program automatically deposits your rewards monthly into your Armco CU business account so your valuable time is spent running your business!



To apply, contact our Business Services Dept at 724-284-2020 during regular business hours.

Download application here.

Drop off or mail to any branch location.


* Promotional Rate – Cash back accrues at the rate of 2.0% for NET qualifying purchases (NET purchases are purchases minus credits and returns) made with the participating card by Dec 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm, after which, cash back will accrue at the rate of 1.5% for NET qualifying purchases.

** Qualifying purchases include point of sale, credit and bill payment only. Please see Armco Credit Union Rewards Program – Terms and Condtions for important disclosures and additional details.

*** APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 9.99% APR based on a high credit score; your actual APR is based on your creditworthiness at time of application


Consumer and Secured Credit Card Agreement

Business Credit Card Agreement

Business Card Features

Rewards Disclosure

Roadside Dispatch (for Consumer Cards)

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver (for Consumer Cards)