Edmit College Planning

Pay for college with more aid and less debt

The college you decide to attend and how you pay for it will follow you well into adulthood. Armco CU provides you with college planning resources to help you make smarter financial decisions about college and student debt.

Edmit is an interactive website offering college planning guidance. There’s advice and articles on the site for all ages – whether you’re attending college next year or in twelve years.

The Edmit website offers several functions. First, it will award a letter grade to colleges based on the value they offer you. It calculates your personal financial and merit aid while considering your major and projected earnings after graduation. The site can also suggest other schools that offer your major and are within your budget. Once you choose a college, Edmit helps you understand how to pay for it.

Several years from attending college? Edmit is filled with articles and resources to help plan for college.

Armco Credit Union is covering the full cost of Edmit Plus for all members (a $99 value). The average Edmit family saves over $5,000 in college costs.

It’s never too early to begin planning for college expenses.

Click the links below for advice on every stage of planning. Please share with your friends and family.

Pre-High School Guide

Before high school, estimate how much you’ll need for college and make your plan for how to save.

Early High School

Build foundational knowledge about college pricing and financial aid before your search begins.

11th Grade

Start building your list with schools that are a good financial fit.

12th Grade

Find and choose the college that will set you up for long-term success