Armco CU Scholarships

The deadline to apply for 2022 Armco CU Scholarships has passed.  Please check back to this web page in June for a complete list of winners.

Educational Resources

Armco CU invests in a variety of educational resources to assist students and their families.  We invite members to utilize these free resources for free financial advice and guidance.  This is another membership benefit of Armco CU.

Banzai – Read articles & use interactive coaches.
Filling out the FASFA Coach – Learn how to apply for federal student aid.
Student Loans – Armco CU student loans are designed to fill the funding gaps that may exist after all lower-cost sources of aid (including scholarships, grants, and federal direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans) have been exhausted.
eNEWS – Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for announcements, specials, and links to financial resources.


2022 is the 5th Anniversary of the Armco CU Scholarship program!  The credit union has awarded $72,000 in scholarships since its inception.

Promoting education and supporting the financial wellness of our members has long been a tradition at Armco Credit Union. The Armco CU Scholarship program began in 2018 to “give back” to our members and help students with rising educational costs. The scholarship amount has steadily increased from $5,000 in 2012 to $22,000 in 2022.

The Armco CU staff and Board of Directors continually fine-tune the program. They felt strongly that the application process should be simple and beneficial to the student. Therefore, the application is now only one page and students submit a resume instead of writing a lengthy essay. A resume provides real-life value to all students who apply and also provides fairness when scoring the application packets.