Armco Credit Union Scholarships

Armco CU Scholarships

We have finished our scholarship application period for the 2021 school year.  Please check back later for updates on future scholarship opportunities.

2021 scholarship recipients will be contacted in May.

Educational Resources

Armco CU invests in financial resources to empower members to make sound financial decisions that last a lifetime. We invite students and their families to utilize the Edmit and Banzai websites for free financial advice and guidance. This is another membership benefit of Armco CU.

Edmit – College planning website. Learn the value of your college and how to pay for it.
Filling out the FASFA Coach – Check out this interactive coaching module as well as a library of relevant articles.
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Promoting education and supporting members is a priority for Armco CU. We are pleased to award $20,000 in scholarships to students entering their Fall semester in 2021. Students attending an accredited technical school or college are encouraged to apply.

The scholarship program began in 2018 as a result of a company-wide education initiative. The Board of Directors approved awarding $5,000 to 10 students. “What these young people are going to be able to give back to the community is so much farther reaching than what we’ve been able to give to them,” said John Gibson, vice president of our Board of Directors.

With such a successful response to the program, it was an easy decision to continue expanding the program.

In 2020, the Board simplified the application process by reducing the application to one page and requiring the student to submit a resume. The Board felt that requiring a resume is more practical and useful to the student than writing a lengthy essay. It also helps level the field in terms of scoring scholarship packets. Including this year, Armco CU will have awarded $50,000 in scholarships.