Business Mastercard® Debit Card

Mastercard® Debit Card

When you open a checking account, you can receive a Mastercard® debit card allowing you access to your checking and savings accounts plus these following features:


      • Purchases – Make purchases anywhere you see the Mastercard® logo. The amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. Many retailers also allow you to get cash back at no additional charge when you make a purchase with your Mastercard® debit card and select “debit”
      • ATM Transactions – Use your Mastercard debit card at ATMs worldwide. There are thousands of surcharge free ATMs available through our networks CU$ (Pennsylvania locations) and CUHere (US locations). Sheetz and GetGo also offer surcharge-free ATMs. Click here for more details 
      • Extra cards – track expenses easier by providing cards to your employees at no additional charge. Each card will include your company name as well as the employee’s name.
      • EMV (Chip) Technology – protects you against attempted fraud.
      • Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ – monitors the surface, dark and deep web to search for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of your personal information, as well as access to a 24/7 number for assistance if you believe you have been a victim of identity theft.
      • Mastercard Airport Concierge™ – Save 15% on Airport Meet and Greet services to have an agent escort you through an airport departure, arrival, or connecting flights.

View the Mastercard business benefits brochure

Report Your Lost or Stolen Card

  • If your Mastercard® debit card, STAR ATM card, or VISA® credit card is lost or stolen, please contact Armco CU immediately.
  • During normal business hours, please call Account Servicing at 724-284-2020.
  • After hours, please call 724-284-2020 and select the Tele-R-Phone option from the call menu and follow the prompts to block your card.
  • If your Mastercard debit card is lost or stolen, you can also disable it through the Mobile Banking app. You would still need to order a new card online or by calling Account Servicing at 724-284-2020.