School Sponsorships

FREE Financial Literacy Resources for Teachers



Teach the value of a dollar! Banzai is an award-winning financial literacy platform designed with a teacher’s classroom in mind. The program is web-based and contains interactive games that simulate real life financial scenarios such as budgeting, using credit wisely and developing sensible spending and savings habits. Teachers can also order free workbooks that complement the online lessons.

Armco CU is pleased to invest in the community by sponsoring Banzai in all Butler County high schools and Butler County Vo-Tech. Teachers may request free access to the online course plus free workbooks. There is no classroom instruction time required. Students may login to Banzai from their own mobile devices and work at their own pace. Teachers see all activity on a dashboard so they can easily grade. Great for extra credit and study hall!

Two new classes added this year: Digital Citizenship and Paying for College.