External ACH Disclosure:

I confirm that prior to entering into the use of this online banking service that I have been provided, reviewed, and agree to the terms of the Electronic Disclosure Agreement . I agree that in order for Armco Credit Union (Credit Union) to make any automatic transfers per this authorization, the full amount must be available in my account. I understand that in the event that funds are not available when utilizing this service that I may be assessed a fee, as in accordance with the terms of my Membership Account Agreement and the Credit Union Fee Schedule, and/or my agreement may be cancelled. In addition, as outlined in the Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure, I understand the following Automated Clearing House (ACH) limits may apply: $5000 per month and/or 10 transactions a month for incoming and outgoing ACH transfers. By submitting this transaction request, I hereby authorize the Credit Union to transfer funds between my selected accounts at the Credit Union and another financial institution and, if necessary, to make adjustments for any errors. I understand that if my selected date falls on a weekend, federal holiday, or is created after 3:30pm EST on a business day, my transaction will be processed on the next business day, and the Credit Union is not responsible for fees that I may incur from this processing delay. The Credit Union will be responsible for the timely transfer in accordance with this authorization. Once a transfer has been made to another financial institution, the Credit Union will have no further responsibility for the credit or debit of such funds. If a recurring transfer is selected, the authorization will remain in effect until the Credit Union has received notification to cancel this authorization. This can be an oral or written notification within three (3) business days before the scheduled date of transfer. Submitting this transaction online I further acknowledge that I have received, reviewed, and agree to all accounts disclosures, acknowledge and understand that for the transfer to occur that both the receiving and the debited account are personal accounts, and accept these terms and conditions governing the Credit Union’s electronic services.