Fraud Alert

Numerous firewalls and other sophisticated security measures, developed over the years to protect financial institutions, make old-fashioned “hacking” much less prevalent.  Cyber-thieves prefer the easy rout – your computer.  Here are a couple tips to make sure your computer isn’t the weak link in the security chain.

Wired Access by Home Computer:  Use a current anti-virus/anti-spyware scanning program, a current patched operating system, and a secure browser program.  The Windows firewall should be activated, or another software firewall should be on the computer along with Intrusion Prevention or Intrusion Detection.

Access by Wireless Home Network:  Follow all of the above rules for wired home computers, PLUS your wireless router should have a strong password protection, and it is recommended the wireless network have at least WPA or WPA-2 PSK encryption rather than WEP encryption.