Fraud Alert


Beware of Automated calls concerning your debit or bank card –  Fraudsters will try to obtain your debit card information by automated messages saying they are calling from the credit union or your financial institution.  They will want you to enter your card number, expiration date, or security value(the 3 digit value on the back of the card).  This is a phishing attempt.  This is  were the fraudster is trying to get your information to draw funds from your account by creating a counterfeit card.

Armco Credit Union does have a legitimate card security monitoring system in place where you may receive a call from an individual to verify transactions that appear to be fraudulent.  However they will not need the above requested information to determine the validity of the transactions.    If you are ever suspicious about a call, contact us directly to speak with one of our account service representatives.


Numerous firewalls and other sophisticated security measures, developed over the years to protect financial institutions, make old-fashioned “hacking” much less prevalent.  Cyber-thieves prefer the easy rout – your computer.  Here are a couple tips to make sure your computer isn’t the weak link in the security chain.

Wired Access by Home Computer:  Use a current anti-virus/anti-spyware scanning program, a current patched operating system, and a secure browser program.  The Windows firewall should be activated, or another software firewall should be on the computer along with Intrusion Prevention or Intrusion Detection.

Access by Wireless Home Network:  Follow all of the above rules for wired home computers, PLUS your wireless router should have a strong password protection, and it is recommended the wireless network have at least WPA or WPA-2 PSK encryption rather than WEP encryption.


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