WIN UP TO $1,000


Thursday, June 2 at 5:30pm
Armco Credit Union, Mars Branch
Intersection of Route 228/Myoma Rd.

To debut our new radio jingle, we are partnering with The Rock Station 97.7, to sponsor a Musical Chairs contest. The winner will enter the Armco Cash Cube to catch up to $1,000.

Hurry! Limited to 15 paid registrations. All proceeds benefit Quality EMS.

Listen to The Rock Station 97.7 for additional chances to enter.


  • Cost $20. Register online at or in-person at Mars Armco Credit Union branch or Butler Radio Network office. (Registration NOT available at the Butler Armco Credit Union branch.)
  • Limited to 15 paid registrations. Listen to The Rock Station 97.7 for additional chances to enter.
  • No refunds given, but registration transferable to another player over age 18. Entire registration fee is donated to Quality EMS.
  • Must be over 18 to participate.


  • Musical Chairs winner receives :30 seconds in the Armco Cash Cube for an opportunity to catch up to $1,000.
  • If more than $1,000 is caught, the maximum paid will be $1,000.
  • Should the winner catch less than $249, they will be awarded $250.
  • Cash Cube Rules

Musical Chairs Rules

  1. The Musical Chairs event will begin promptly at its scheduled time and will continue until one winner is named. All participants required to arrive 15 minutes prior to sign release, review rules and ensure a timely start. Failure to arrive on time could result in forfeiture. No refund will be given.
  2. The Butler Radio Network will control the music. When the music begins, contestants will walk clockwise around the perimeter of the chair formation. When the music stops playing, contestants must immediately sit in a chair.
  3. The contestant who does not sit in a chair will be eliminated from the competition and is required to immediately leave the circle. Only one contestant per chair.
  4. Sitting in a chair is defined as both feet planted firmly on the ground with both buttocks firmly sitting on seat.
  5. In the event two contestants try to claim a chair, the person who has both feet firmly planted on the ground, and whose body takes up more seat space on the chair when the referee approaches the chair will win the round. When the referee appears, contestants must remain still to be judged. The referee may declare a tie – and has the authority to either advance both players or eliminate both players. This decision may be influenced by sportsmanship, time constraints or other factors. The referee’s decision is final. Video replay or photos will not be considered in the decision.
  6. Contestants may not stand in place or hover around a chair at any time and will be cause for immediate disqualification.
  7. Contestants must walk at a comfortable pace with one foot in front of the other. Contestants who walk too slowly or take baby steps will be warned once. The second violation will be cause for immediate disqualification.
  8. Contestants must walk forward while the music is playing. When the music stops playing, contestants may move in any direction to claim any chair.
  9. One or more chairs may be removed after each round.
  10. The last round will consist of two players and one chair. The person who sits in the chair in accordance with the rules stated above will be declared the winner of the event. If both contestants are seated in the chair and the winner is questionable, the referee may re-do the round until a clear winner is determined. The referee’s decision is final. No video replay or photos will be considered.
  11. Un-sportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated and is cause for immediate disqualification from the game. This includes profanity or any physical movement that could cause bodily harm. This includes, but not limited to, tripping, shoving and hitting.
  12. All contestants agree to allow Armco Credit Union and Butler Radio Network to use their name, likeness, photo and video in any marketing materials including digital, print and social media. No additional compensation will be awarded.

Armco Cash Cube Rules

  1. No shoes may be worn while inside the money machine. Dirt and debris can build up and be blown through the machine, causing damage to both the machine and clothing.
  2. Protective eye-wear must be worn by all contestants while inside the money machine. The money/paper alternative used can cause severe damage from the force of wind being circulated.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing. Skirts, loose-fit shirts, loose necklaces, etc. are not recommended due to the force of wind being circulated.
  4. Contestants cannot bend or reach below their knees to catch money.
  5. Contestants cannot pin money to the walls or ceiling with their hands to catch money.
  6. Contestants cannot use clothing or personal accessories to store money. A waist-attached pouch will be provided with pockets to store all money.
  7. When the timer expires, you may attempt to catch any remaining falling money, being sure to follow rules #5 and #6.
  8. Dropped money is forfeited when exiting the machine.