Money Booth


1. No shoes may be worn while inside the money machine. Dirt and debris can build up and be blown through the machine, causing damage to both the machine and clothing.

2. Protective eye-wear must be worn by all contestants while inside the money machine. The money/paper alternative used can cause severe damage from the force of wind being circulated.

3. Wear appropriate clothing. Skirts, loose-fit shirts, loose necklaces, etc. are not recommended due to the force of wind being circulated.

4. Contestants cannot bend or reach below their knees to catch money.

5. Contestants cannot pin money to the walls or ceiling with their hands to catch money.

6. Contestants cannot use clothing or personal accessories to store money. A waist-attached pouch will be provided with pockets to store all money.

7. When the timer expires, you may attempt to catch any remaining falling money, being sure to follow rules #5 and #6.

8. Dropped money is forfeited when exiting the machine.