Card Services

Mastercard Debit Card

Combine the convenience and speed of an ATM card with the security and accountability of your check book, and you’ve got one great tool – the Mastercard Debit Card.

Use your Mastercard Debit Card to make purchases anywhere you see the Mastercard logo, and the amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. Many retailers will also allow you to get cash back at no additional charge when you make a purchase with your Mastercard Debit Card. It also handles all of your ATM card needs as well.

Star ATM Card

Access your account using the STAR ATM Card.

  • Make withdrawals and deposits
  • Check your account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts

Take advantage of our surcharge-free ATMs located at Armco CU, or at any participating CU$ or CUHere ATM. Visit and for a list of free ATMs in your area.

Tips to avoid ATM charges

Why pay a surcharge just to get your own money? Avoid ATM fees with these three easy alternatives:

  1. Use A Credit Union ATM 
    Armco CU is part of the CU$ and CUHere ATM Alliance, which provides over 900 surcharge-free credit union ATMs throughout Pennsylvania. Visit and for a list of the free ATMs in your area.
  2. Get Cash Back Using Your Mastercard Check Card 
    When you make a purchase using your Mastercard Check Card, you can get cash back at point-of-sale (POS) without paying a surcharge. Simply state “debit” when the cashier asks the type of transaction you’re performing and then ask for cash back.
  3. Visit Any GetGo or Sheetz Convenience Store 
    Two of the leading convenience retailers now offer no surcharge ATMs in hundreds of locations across the region.  Visit and for locations.

Report Your Lost or Stolen Card

If your Mastercard Debit Card, STAR ATM Card, or VISA Credit Card is lost or stolen, please contact the Credit Union immediately.

During normal business hours, please call 724-284-2020, a customer service representative at the Credit Union will assist.

If you are calling after hours, please call 724-284-2020 and select the Tele-R-Phone option from the call menu and follow the prompts to block your card.