Scholarship Acceptance


You have been selected to receive a $500 scholarship from Armco Credit Union.

Armco Credit Union is pleased to award over $15,000 in scholarships this year. You were chosen from a pool of 102 applicants based on your academics and activities/job/volunteer experience. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we regret that we are unable to honor your achievement at a banquet this year. Instead, we will mail your certificate and feature your photo in our summer newsletter and on our website.

Please read over the following instructions.

You will need to submit a Scholarship Acceptance letter by Wednesday, July 1. The letter will ask you to contact your college to find out who to make the check payable to and the address of the office that handles scholarships. Every college is different. Once you return the form, a check will be sent directly to your college. We have provided a link here so that you may submit this form electronically once you have gathered the requested information.

We also request that you submit a photo and bio (up to 150 words) for our summer newsletter and on our website by Friday, May 8. The photo will be cropped into a head & shoulders format. We prefer a jpeg format if possible. Your bio can include your high school, activities/job/community service, interests, college, major and goals. You will also need to submit a photo release. If you are not 18 yet, a parent/guardian must also sign the release. A link to the photo release is listed here. Send the photo to (or attach to the photo release link). Remember, we must have your photo, bio, and photo release by May 8 to be included in the newsletter.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

The board, staff and members of Armco Credit Union wish you the very best in your pursuit of higher education.