How the Credit Union protects you, and how you can protect yourself…

When it comes to member information and financial security, Armco Credit Union spares no expense. State-of-the-art software and hardware protect our computer systems and building, providing you with confidence that your finances are safe and secure.

Yet, if the end-user doesn’t take precautions, even the most hi-tech, sophisticated systems can be bypassed. This post is meant to provide you with some useful information to help you do your part in protecting your valuable financial assets.

Computer Security

Numerous firewalls and other sophisticated security measures, developed over the years to protect financial institutions, make old-fashioned “hacking” much less prevalent. Cyber-thieves prefer the easy route – your computer. Here are a couple tips to make sure your computer isn’t the weak link in the security chain.

Wired access by Home Computer: Use a current anti-virus/anti-spyware scanning program, a current patched operating system, and a secure browser program. The Windows firewall should be activated, or another software firewall should be on the computer along with Intrusion Prevention or Intrusion Detection.

Access by Wireless Home network: Follow all of the above rules for wired home computers, PLUS your wireless router should have a strong password protection, and it is recommended the wireless network have at least WPA or WPA-2 PSK encryption rather than WEP encryption.

VISA Debit Card Protection

With Visa Zero Liability, you are not responsible for unauthorized purchases. The Credit Union uses the FRIS system, offered by STAR, to monitor your ATM and debit card transactions. It detects potentially fraudulent patterns that are inconsistent with your typical spending habits. Should this occur, you will receive a call from a STAR representative to verify the transaction(s) in question.

Traveling? Some of the highest instances of fraud in this country happen in travel destinations such as Florida, Texas, and California. Fraudsters in these areas often target debit cards. Because of that, we ask that you notify us if you’re traveling out of state and intend to use your debit card. We can note that on your account to help with any fraudulent inquiries. We also recommend you have more than one form of payment available to you when traveling (credit cards, cash, traveler’s cheques).

Phishing, Phishing, and more Phishing

Whether it’s a phone call, email, or text, you should always be suspicious of someone contacting you requesting verification of your personal information. Thieves will pretend to be calling from legitimate organizations such as the IRS, Social Security, or maybe even the Credit Union. Any such inquiry should be treated with suspicion, and your information should never be given. You should then contact the organization in question, at a phone number you trust, to report the incident. Please remember that Armco Credit Union will never ask for personal information of any kind by phone, email or text. nor will we request your user name, password, personal identification number (PIN).